Welcome to Cinema Veriteen: The Atmosphere Project! (Ms. Lopez's 7th grade class)


We are excited to be partnering with the Friday Institute and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences on The Atmosphere Project this quarter! We will learn a lot about how the atmosphere works. We'll learn how humans impact air quality, monitor air quality as well as specific sources of air polution in North Carolina. Have you ever wondered what happens when we have a severe storm? Well, hang on, because we're going to learn all about the properties of severe weather, including what tools can be used to study weather. We'll also learn about air quality and climate control.

Students will work in teams to create a compelling question about the atmosphere that will be answered through a project-based inquiry process. Part of your answer will come from taking a field trip on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011. We will visit the NC State Climate Office Weather station, the USDA Air Quality station, and the Dairy Unit. Experts from these departments will discuss their area of study as it relates to 7th grade science curriculum. Students will combine this field experience with classroom research to produce a multimedia project in science class called Cinema Veriteen (created by Friday Institute professors) to showcase their mastery of 1st quarter objectives.

We're going to learn a lot and have fun creating projects!

Here we go . . .
Ms. Lopez
Dr. Spires
Ms. Pruden

Project Based Inquiry
Step 1: Ask a Compelling Question
Step 2: Gather and Analyze Information
Step 3: Creatively Synthesize Information
Step 4: Critically Evaluate and Revise
Step 5: Publish and Share
Step 6: Showcase

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