Creatively Synthesize Information


Creative synthesis is a continual design and development process. You will create a way to demonstrate your findings that answers your compelling question in a new and original way.

The process will require:

  • Complex thinking about the content and how to bring together information from print and digital texts
  • Drawing inferences
  • Summarizing
  • Making new connections as you answer your question for your final product.

Feel free to gather what is needed to support your product:

  • necessary music
  • narration
  • images
  • etc.

Please use a storyboard to organize your resources in a way that producesa product that is intellectually, visually and technically of high quality.


There is a difference between simply capturing video footage and designing and making a video production.
Capturing video footage requires being able to use a camera.
Creating a video production requires a range of skills including critical analysis about audience, advance planning of different scenes, script writing, deliberate choices about content, and considerations about copyright.
The same expectation is true for whatever tool you may choose to use to answer your compelling question.