Ask Compelling Question:


The definition of COMPELLING:

It is an Adjective

1. Evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.
2. Not able to be refuted; inspiring conviction.

3 parts of a compelling question:

(a) your group is curious and motivated about finding the answer to the question.
(b) the question is of social importance (it is not just interesting to you but finding the answer can help others too)
(c) the question lines up with the topic your are studying

-open-ended questions are encouraged

Compelling questions CAN NOT:

(a) be a direct question that has a direct answer
(b) be answered with a yes or a no
(c) be unable to be researched (are not about things that we do not know about- i.e., Do Aliens like warm weather better than cold weather?)

Sample questions other students have used before:

  • What impact does global warming have on our planet and what can we do about it?
  • What challenges has the Internet created for American youth?
  • How did problems associated with the Electoral College impact recent presidential elections?

Team Compelling Questions:
Group 1
Do you think we can fix the ozone hole ;and if yes, how?
Group 2
How does global warming affect us?
Group 3
Why do we have a hole in the ozone and how can we fix it?
Group 4
Why has climate change had such a big impact on Earth?
Group 5
Is global warming human's fault or is it natural?
Group 6
What is the percentage of animals affected by global warming? Which animals are affected
the most and list reasons why?
Group 7
what is carbon monixide?what can it do?how can we reduce it?where does it come from?
Group 8
Does global warming have somthing to do with hurricanes?
Group 9
If the ozone ever ripped would the ultraviolet rays kill us?
Group 10
How are hurricane computer modles made?
Group 11
Why do some tornadoes form over water and dont make hurricanes?
Group 12
How can kids our age decrease Global Warming on a local and global level?
Group 13
What happens to meteorites as they go through each layer of the atmosphere?
Group 14
How does lightning occur and can we use it as a natural energy souce? How?
Group 15
How do Air Pollutants effect Global Warming?
Group 16
How might global warming not be completly mans fault?
Group 17

Group 18
Do certain types of weather or certain weather events have a purpose.
Group 19
What is air pollution and how does it affect the earth?