Project Agenda:

Step 1: Ask A Compelling Question:

(September 15 & 16, Thursday & Friday)
  • Thursday -15th (Dr. Spires & Manning Pruden)
    • Introduction
      • What is Cinema Veriteen?
      • What is an inquiry project?
      • Here's a sample video created by 8th grade student--what do you think?
    • Brainstorm questions that you would like to answer related to "atmosphere." What are you curious about?
    • Break into teams
    • Review cool tools
  • Friday - 16th (Ms. Lopez)
    • Each team decides on a compelling
      question (Add questions on Team Project pages)
    • Assign a Tech Facilitator to each team
      (Add on Team project pages)

Step 2: Gather and Analyze Information

(September 19 & 20, Monday & Tuesday)
  • Monday - 19th (Ms. Lopez & Media Specialist)
  • Tuesday - 20th (Field Trip with Ms. Lopez)

Step 3:Creatively Synthesize Information

(September 21, Wednesday, Dr. Spires, Manning Pruden &
Tech. Facilitators)
  • Synthesize your data into a multimedia visual
  • Choose a cool tool that supports the story you want
    to tell with your data
  • Tech Facilitators provide individual support with cool

Step 4: Critically Evaluate and Revise

(September 22, Thursday, Ms. Lopez & Tech. Facilitators)
  • Continue creating your multimedia product
  • Evaluate your product to make sure it is answering
    the compelling question that you posed
  • Use the rubric provided by Ms. Lopez to evaluate your
  • Tech. facilitators provide feedback on the products
  • Make revisions as needed. Continue to work on your
    product over the break
  • Be prepared to showcase your product when school
    starts back

Step 5: Publish and Share

  • Monday - October 10 (Dr. Spires)
    Showcase Multimedia Products!
  • Tuesday - October 11 (Manning Pruden)
    Showcase Multimedia Products!

Cinéma vérité means "truthful cinema." The term was coined in the

1950's for a style of documentary that was very natural. Often the

content was elevated over aesthetics. We use this idea as the basis

of the Cinema Veriteen project, in which students use video (or other

multimedia approaches) to learn and explain a topic of interest to them.

Project-based inquiry is a process to investigate a topic of interest. It

begins with a question and ends with a product that answers the

question and is shared with others.

Spires, H., Hervey, L., Morris, G., & Stelpflug, C. (in press).
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